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We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team of tutors! Please reach out and we will schedule a 10 minute introductory call to talk about your academic background and Army Smart.


We primarily teach undergraduate math, statistics, and science courses, but are always looking to expand into new areas. 

Please use the contact form on this page to get in touch!

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   Some of Our Tutors   

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Morghan Carr - US Coast Guard

My name is Morghan Carr, I served in the USCG from 2014-2018 after receiving a BS in Environmental Science from LSU. I am currently working on my M.S. in Civil Engineering focusing on Geotechnical Engineering. I joined ArmySmart because I know that daunting feeling of starting something new, thinking I am not good enough, and general self doubt. I’ve come to learn that most of my students feel the same way, I am less of a teacher and more of a guider and find joy in those “ah-ha!” moments. I live in New England and when I am not studying, I spend most of my time riding horses, snowboarding, and generally spending time outside relaxing. 


I am generally available during business hours and usually work with 1 or 2 students at a time.  


Tae Kim - Army

Hello everyone, my name is Tae Kim. I was born in South Korea but raised in Minnesota. I enlisted in the United States Army as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic after two years of college. Currently, I am stationed in South Korea, as a Command Group Supervisor. My academic background includes Pre-Calculus, Calculus I, and II, along with Statistics. In school, I always appreciated my professors and tutors because they positively influenced my life for the better. Therefore, I want to do the same and volunteer at Army Smart to help other military-affiliated students to reach their full potential. My hobbies include exercising, reading, and hiking. 

Royce Robertson - Army

Royce enlisted in the army in 2008 and spent his first 3 years stationed in a chemical unit at Fort Stewart, GA where he trained in hazmat response.  He reenlisted for a chance to go to airborne school and spent the next 3 years on jump status at Fort Bragg, NC where he ran a chemical room for an airborne engineer company.  He was part of a Global Response Taskforce capable of deploying anywhere in the world in under 18 hours.  After ETSing he was accepted into the inaugural class of Posse Veterans at Wesleyan University.  He graduated with a double major in Math & Physics and in 2018 started a quantitative analyst role with a small start up in Cambridge, MA called Everquote. Royce has spent the past 3 and a half years in the greater Boston area where he lives with his wife Christine and their 1 year-old daughter Leah.


Ikaika Ramos - Space Force

My name is Ikaika Ramos and I am an active duty Space Force officer for a little over 14 years after receiving a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hawaii Manoa. I also have two MS, one in Computer Science focus on Software Engineering obtained in 2016 and another in Systems Engineering with a focus in Space Systems obtained in  2017, both MS are from the Air Force Institute of Technology.


I was born and raised in Mililani, Hawaii, and joined the active duty Air Force in 2007.  I was first stationed at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB), CA for 4 years, then Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo, CA  for 3 years, then  Wright Patterson AFB in  Dayton OH, for 18 months (back to school for my MS), then to Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, CO for four years, and now back at Los Angeles AFB, got here in March 2020.  My previous jobs were hands-on but over time I have moved to leadership roles that include Deputy Branch Chief and Deputy Chief Engineer.  


My family consists of my wife, Stacie;  my  9-month daughter, Carly; and our two dogs, Leila and Stella.  


My hobbies include STEM mentoring and tutoring, spending time outdoors with dogs and wife, working out, sports (basketball, snowboarding, soccer, football), hiking, and eating out at good restaurants.

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