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John Perez - U.S. Army

School has never been my thing. I am more of a technical and hands on type of person. However, I've always had pride in accomplishing things that I have no business accomplishing.


Being in the military, I think we can all agree that things can get pretty tough. But, our units and the service members that we connect and bond with make it all a little more bearable. That is because we have each other's backs when we need it. Well college can get pretty lonely. Even more for the people that go the online or virtual route. This is where Army smart comes in. They are the ones who had my back and made me feel like I was not going at my next mission alone. I was not only tutored but I will go as far as saying that I was re-taught parts of algebra and trigonometry in order to be successful for calculus. Army smart is the greatest thing for vets. Whether you need tutoring or you feel the call to tutor.

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