We started Army Smart to help service members and veterans find success after service

    Our Story    

I started my Army career at the Third Infantry Division in Ft Stewart, Georgia. I was surrounded by extremely competent senior NCOs who helped shape me into the officer I am today. A group of NCOs were all struggling to pass the same statistics class. After spending over a decade in the Army they had lost the prerequisite math knowledge to be successful in a college statistics class. I spent several months tutoring them and they were all able to pass with grades of B+ or higher. I started Army Smart so I could help more service members like them. Intelligent and driven individuals who are being held back by compulsory math and stats modules.

Out team has grown to include 35 volunteer tutors from across the services as well as several civilian volunteers who help us analyze data on how to tutor in the best possible way. We hope to continue growing and help more service members achieve their goals through higher education.

Bogart Roy - Founder Army Smart


   Our Team   

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Bogart Roy

Bogart is the founder of Army Smart. He is an Active Duty Army Field Artillery Officer who studied math and statistics at the London School of Economics. He runs, does yoga, and cooks in his spare time.

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James Moran

James is the technical co-founder of Army Smart. He is working on the development of a natural language processing algorithm that will change the way we teach. He is a software engineer at Facebook. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.

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Markus Kusano

Markus works in the technical/data side of Army Smart where he creates tools to help us improve how we teach. He is a software engineer at Google where he creates automated tools to accelerate developer productivity. He has his PhD in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech.