Army Smart provides free online math, statistics, and science tutoring to service members, veterans, and their families to help them achieve their further education goals


   What We Do   

Veterans have unique challenges in their path to further education, particularly when it comes to completing compulsory math and science classes. For some veterans, it may have been 20 years since they last took a math class and now they are being asked to complete a college course more difficult than any they had taken in high school. Because of this veterans require an intensive and personally tailored approach to tutoring.


Army Smart is a program that pairs students with experienced tutors from military backgrounds capable of adjusting their teaching style to make understanding math, statistics, and science as easy as possible.


If you are active duty, a reservist, a veteran, or a dependent from any branch of the military who is struggling with a college level math, statistics, or science course we can provide you with free weekly tutoring sessions to help you succeed. Classes will be conducted over either Zoom or Google Hangouts using an interactive whiteboard.

We primarily focus on the following courses, but can teach most areas of undergraduate math, statistics, and science.


  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Business Statistics

  • Probability Theory

  • Introduction to Algebra

  • Precalculus

  • Calculus I, II, III

  • College Chemistry

  • College Biology

  • College Physics

  • Writing 

So far we have worked with over 350 students from E3s to E8s, Soldiers to Airmen, and 19 year olds to 65 year old retirees. Contact us now if you need help!




Army Smart assisted me with taking a statistics class in pursuit of my bachelors degree, I had been out of school for over a decade and was very nervous to begin with. However, Bogart was an amazing tutor, professional, patient, and punctual. He went out of his way to help me, including weekends and during the holidays! I can never begin to thank them enough.

1SG Rivera, U.S. Army

Army Smart was extremely quick to help me with any topic I brought up. Every topic I needed help with he either knew or quickly figured out. It definitely helped my grade and I will absolutely use their help again.

Senior Airman Chris, USAF 

Army Smart's knowledge and math expertise helped me pass my college algebra class. They ensured I understood every detail of each part of the course and were extremely helpful and patient with me.


SSG Orlando, U.S. Army 

There's no easy way to understand a subject that you feel like you can't understand no matter how you approach it.  Army Smart’s tutoring made understanding statistics much easier because he explained things in a real world context that vets can easily understand.  Not only will he help you with math problems, he will also make sure you understand not only the problem but understand the appropriate tools to solve it.  The most important part was that he was a personable guy, not condescending, and that made learning that much easier.  I would recommend anyone needing a math tutor at least try his tutoring before you quit the class due to frustrations.  He can and will help you out.

SGT Madden U.S. Army Retired

Bogart is an excellent tutor. He was able to clearly explain to me step by step how to solve an algebra problem faster and more efficiently. Thanks to Army Smart, I see mathematics in a different way, and it became one of my favorite subjects to study.

Lily, U.S. Army Spouse

I struggled with statistics for a portion on the Spring 2020 semester. I met Bo through Army Smart and he was very helpful and made me understand statistics a lot better. I ended this semester with an A for my final grade and I can’t thank him enough. I would definitely recommend his services to those who need it.


Tatiana, U.S. Navy Spouse

Thank you Army Smart, without your expert knowledge and tutelage, I would have never found a way to pass my algebra exam. I just want to thank you very much.


SFC Walter, U.S. Army Retired

I was seeking help with business statistics to complement what I was learning in class. Army Smart was there to help when I needed it. I was able to get one on one help with a tutor a no cost and it was extremely easy. Questions were answered with step by step instructions on how to complete the assignment. Thank you Army Smart!


Luiz Azevedo, USAF Veteran


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